• Hair Extension After Care Instructions

    Caring for your Hair Extensions We all know, hair extensions are not cheap…and if they are, there is probably a reason for that, such as poor quality! For many girls who decide they will treat themselves with a new set of hair extensions, want them to last! In that case, it is so important to…

  • Do Tape Extensions Fall Out

    You may have heard of the new hair extension craze that has hit the streets of Sydney. “Tape Hair Extensions”… You may be saying to yourself right now…This has got to be a joke, how on earth can hair extensions be applied with just tape? Don’t they fall out?

  • Types of Hair Extensions

    Thankfully, these days there are more options available in hair extensions than having them braided and sewn in or worse…glued in! While some people still have a preference for the latter…Thanks to the innovate hair extension techniques such as tape extensions & nano-beads, there are now more gentler and effective options available to suit a variety of requirements and hair types.

  • Balayage Hair Extensions

    Balayage Hair Extensions are here! Without a doubt this is the best solution to getting the latest summer sun-kissed look without having to damage your own hair with bleach and colour.