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#1 Rated Tape Hair Extension Salon In Sydney

We provide Tape Hair Extension application and maintenance services in Sydney. With over 8 years experience in tape application our gentle technique and placement ensures ultimate comfort and secure attachment.

We are one of the pioneers of tape hair extension application in Sydney. We have introduced many clients to this revolutionary type of hair extension application, which are popular for many reasons.

With correct application and correct gentle removal, Tape for hair extensions is an excellent instant hair makeover solution. Revamp your style for length, fullness or both!

We are confident that our tape extension application technique is second to none. Tape extensions applied by Eve will not fall out! We do not use any heat or additional glue to apply the hair extensions. It simply comes down to our experience and training achieving the perfect balance in our attachment technique.

Our professional technicians are well trained and experienced in tape extension application and maintenance. Along with our expert technique, we have also developed our own special magic tape especially designed for tape hair extensions to ensure no fall out within the recommended wear time frame. The extensions are reusable for up to 9-12 months depending on how you look after and treat your hair.

Maintenance is required approximately every 6-8 weeks. When it comes time to move the extensions back up, the removal process is simple and painlessly done with our special alcohol based liquid tape remover. The tapes easily slide out with our special tape remover leaving no messy goo and no damage to your own hair.Then the extensions can be re-tapped with fresh pieces of tape and re-applied to your hair like new.


Hair extension tape ins are an invisible and light weight, flat attachment method. With the tape extensions, even if someone were to touch your head they wouldn’t even realise you had extensions in as you there are no bumps or lumps. They are reportedly very undetectable and comfortable to wear when applied correctly by extension professionals such as Eve Hair Extensions.


The attachment section of the tape bonds are translucent double sided special hair extension tapes. Each tape extension is in 4cm wide sections and usually 18-24 inches long depending on your desired length. Your hair is neatly sandwiched between two sections and held securely by the hair extension tape for up to 8 weeks. The tapes adhere to themselves without any heat or clamping.

The result is a micro-thin hair attachment that gives a completely undetectable and light weight result. No beads, sewing, gluing, heat or bulk. If you don’t like the idea of having tiny beads in your hair – the tape extensions are the method for you! You can also tie your hair up in a neat high top bun.

The Tape Extension bonds are reusable. This means, you can keep using the same hair extensions when it’s time for maintenance. No need to buy new hair every time you are ready for maintenance. During the maintenance appointment, the hair extensions are completely removed with an alcohol and natural citrus-oil based solution, and then they are washed free of remover, re-tapped and re-applied ready for another 6- 8 weeks wear!

Why You Should Go For Tapes For Hair Extensions

There are numerous reasons why you should opt for tapes for hair extensions. They are not only easy to apply and remove but they also don’t damage your hair, and look way more natural since they are flushed against the head and don’t have thick bases sticking out.

More reasons include:

  • Tape in hair extensions lasts a long time
  • Easy to maintain
  • You can volume and length
  • More versatility for your hair
  • You can wear them to workout, shower and swim

So, if you are looking for professionals with an exquisite tape hair extension application and maintenance technique then do pay us a visit!

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