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Wish you had longer, thicker hair that you could style in different ways but don’t want to fuss around with clip-ins or wait for your hair to grow out? Tape hair extensions may be the answer for you!

Eve Hair Extensions offers expert Tape Hair Extensions application and maintenance services in Sydney. With over 15 years of experience in this area, we’ve mastered the art of applying tape hair extensions gently and precisely to ensure ultimate comfort and secure attachment.

Call us today to get longer, more luscious locks instantly so you can finally flaunt the hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of!

What Are Tape Hair Extensions?

Tape extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extension. They are made up of about 1 – 1 ½ inch sections or wefts of hair that are pre-taped with medical-grade adhesive. These wefts of hair are taped to your natural hair in such a way that they blend in perfectly and are undetectable to anyone.

Tape hair extensions come in a wide range of lengths, colours, and hair textures to suit different hair types. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, blonde, brunette or black, you’re sure to find tape in hair extensions that are a perfect match.

Getting a tape hair extension that matches your natural hair will give you the best results and also the best value for your money. Firstly, it will give your hair volume and length without being visible. Secondly, you will also be able to wear it much longer as it will remain concealed even as your hair grows out.

If you don’t like the idea of having tiny beads in your hair – tape in extensions are the method for you.

How Tape Hair Extensions Are Applied

Tape in hair extensions cannot and should not be applied at home. Unlike clip-ins and some other types of hair extensions, tape hair extensions must be applied by a licensed and experienced professional. At Eve Hair Extensions, our qualified hair stylists have had years of experience in applying tape hair extensions.

At the salon, your hair will first be washed well to ensure that the adhesive sticks properly to your hair. After your hair is completely dry, it’s ready for the hair extensions to be applied. The hairstylist will take small sections of hair and apply a weft above and below, sandwiching your natural hair in between. No chemicals or special tools are required but it does take skill and expertise to make sure that the tape in hair extensions are properly applied.

At Eve Hair Extensions, our qualified hair stylists have had years of experience with applying seamless tape hair extensions. At the end of your session, you’ll have a micro-thin hair attachment with a completely undetectable and lightweight result. No beads, sewing, glueing, heat or bulk. You can also tie your hair up in a neat high-top bun.

Tape Hair Extensions Are Reusable

The attachment section of the tape bonds are translucent double-sided special hair extension tapes. Tape in hair extensions are usually in 4 cm wide sections and around 18-24 inches in length. You can choose your desired length from within this range.

Your hair is neatly sandwiched between two sections and held securely by the tape in hair extension tape for up to 8 weeks. The tapes adhere to themselves without any heat or clamping.

The best part is that the tape extension bonds are reusable. This means you can keep using the same tape in extensions when it’s time for maintenance. No need to buy new hair extensions every time so you get the best value for your money.

During the maintenance appointment, the tape in hair extensions are completely removed with an alcohol and natural citrus oil-based solution. They are then washed free of remover, re-taped, and re-applied ready for another 6- 8 weeks of wear!

Best Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions may be made from natural human hair, Remy human hair, or synthetic hair. But the best tape in hair extensions are those made from Remy human hair. This is human hair that is cut and collected directly from a person’s ponytail and carefully packed so that the hair cuticles are intact and all facing in the same direction. These types of tape hair extensions look and feel smoother and silkier than hair extensions made from non-Remy hair.

Another reason why Remy human hair qualifies as the best tape in hair extensions is that they are easier to style and less prone to tangling, knotting, or matting.

Why Choose Tape Hair Extensions?

There are so many different types of human hair tape extensions and yet tape in extensions have remained the most in-demand over the years. There are several reasons why tape hair extensions continue to be so popular and why they should be your first choice:

Undetectable To Anyone Even Close Up

The tape used to adhere the wefts of hair to your natural hair is invisible. When properly applied by a professional hairstylist, these tapes and the added hair wefts are completely undetectable. You can style your hair any way you want to and be the envy of everyone in the room without anyone knowing that you’re wearing invisible tape hair extensions.

Increase Volume Without  Bulkiness

Tape in hair extensions are put together and applied in such a way that they add volume and thickness to your natural hair without adding bulk or bumps. They fit in seamlessly with your natural hair, adding volume smoothly without ugly bulkiness.

Add Length To Your Hair Naturally

While there’s nothing wrong with short hair, some hairstyles require you to have longer hair. But it takes time for hair to grow. With invisible tape hair extensions, you don’t have to wait long to achieve the styles you’re dreaming of. You can get your 20-inch or 24-inch tape in hair extensions applied in one sitting at Eve Hair Extensions Salon and walk out with the long hair you’ve always wanted.

Add Versatility To Your Natural Locks

Applying tape hair extensions in colours different from that of your natural hair is the easiest and fastest way to add highlights, lowlights, and streaks to your hair without touching your natural hair. The added length, volume, and colours add versatility to your hairstyling range. From sweeping your hair in a ponytail to letting your hair cascade down naturally, the number of ways in which you can style your hair is endless.

Can Be Worn While Working Out, Swimming, And In All Types Of Weather

You shouldn’t have to restrict your activities because you’re worried about what will happen to your hair. Luckily, with tape in hair extensions, you won’t need to. You don’t have to take them off or worry about them getting ruined by exposure to water.

Easy To Maintain

Having to spend hours looking after your hair can take the joy out of hairstyling. With tape hair extensions, you just set it and forget it. They are tough enough to handle most things with one precaution – it’s advisable to limit the use of heat tools as these can damage your tape in hair extensions prematurely.

Last A Long Time

Tape in hair extensions last for around 12 months with regular maintenance visits and proper home care. This extended life means you’re getting the most value for your money.

Can Be Reused

That’s right, the tape used to create tape in hair extensions is reusable. When you go to the salon for your maintenance appointment, the hairstylist will remove the old tapes, wash them in a special solution, retape the old tape wefts, and reapply them. That’s it. You’ll have a new set of tape in extensions without having to spend on a new set. This reusable system will save you money in the long run.

No Damage To Your Hair

Applying tape hair extensions is simple and straightforward. The process is quick and painless. We carefully place the tapes to ensure there is no pulling on your natural hair. We recommend moving up the extensions every 6 weeks to maintain the health of your natural hair. Our removal process is gentle: we completely remove the tape extensions, then wash and dry your natural hair before retaping the extensions, preparing them for another 6 weeks of wear. 

An Instant & Painless Hair Makeover Solution

We left the best for last! Imagine being able to transform your hair and your looks within minutes without having to undergo painful, time-consuming procedures. That’s exactly what you can expect with tape in hair extensions – a hair makeover solution that allows you to revamp your hairstyle for length, volume, or both within minutes. And yes, with invisible tape hair extensions, it will be your best-kept secret. Nobody will know a thing!

Call Eve Hair Extensions today for an instant hair transformation with expertly applied human hair tape in extensions.

Why Choose Eve Hair Extensions For Your Tape Hair Extensions?

We are one of the pioneers of tape hair extension applications in Sydney. Our professional technicians are well-trained and experienced in tape extension application and maintenance. Along with our expert techniques, we have also sourced the most secure hair grade quality tape specially designed for tape hair extensions to ensure no fallout within the recommended wear time frame. The extensions are reusable for up to 9-12 months depending on how you look after and treat your hair.

We are confident that our tape extension application technique is second to none. Tape extensions applied by Eve will not fall out! We do not use any heat or additional glue to apply the hair extensions. It simply comes down to our experience and training to achieve the perfect balance in our attachment technique.

Call us today to make an appointment for expert tape hair extension application and maintenance!

Who Are Tape Hair Extensions Best For?

The best thing about tape hair extensions is that they are versatile and suitable for all types of hair, no matter what the texture, colour or length.

Because tape in extensions are put together so delicately and neatly, they will remain well concealed even when applied to fine hair.

Tape hair extensions are also a great remedy for damaged hair. Treating your hair with strong chemicals or excessive heat can result in dull hair, severe colour breakage, and split ends, resulting in hair that looks frazzled and broken. Tape extensions can smooth the overall outcome so your hair looks healthier and neater.

Hate your haircut and want to conceal it while your hair grows back? Feeling impatient because your natural hair is taking too long to grow out? Tape in hair extensions are a quick, affordable, and simple solution for both of these scenarios.

Call us today to find out more about human hair tape extension application and maintenance!

FAQs Tape Hair Extensions

Maintenance is required approximately every 6 – 8 weeks.

The removal process is simple and painlessly done with our gentle alcohol-based liquid tape remover. The tapes easily slide out with our special tape remover leaving no messy goo and no damage to your own hair. Then the extensions can be re-taped with fresh pieces of tape and re-applied to your hair like new.

Yes, tape in hair extensions made from Russian human hair are considered to be among the highest quality. Applying Russian human hair tape extensions will leave your hair looking healthy, smooth, and lustrous.

No, they won’t do any damage at all to your hair. Neither the application process nor the removal process uses strong chemicals or high heat, which are the main factors that damage human hair.

Tape hair extensions are a great way to add some extra oomph to your hair game. They come as strands of real hair attached to your own locks with super adhesive hair tape. They’re quick to put in and blend seamlessly, giving you that lush and full hair in no time.

Yes, the best tape hair extensions are flexible and work with almost any hair type. Thin, thick, wavy or straight, we’ve got you covered. Plus, they’re a breeze for anyone with a packed schedule looking for an easy hair boost.

One of the biggest pros with tape hair extensions is how they nail the natural look and feel. They’re light, they don’t pull on your scalp, and they allow you to style your hair with ease.

With the right care, your tape hair extensions can last up to 12 months, provided you attend maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks. Following the aftercare instructions carefully will help prolong their life and keep them looking beautiful.

The cost of tape hair extensions in Sydney varies, depending on the number of pieces of tape needed to achieve your desired look as well as considering the high-quality options available.

To keep your tape hair extensions looking their best, we provide full aftercare instructions at your appointment. For instance, we recommend using sulphate-free hair products, avoiding oils and conditioners near the tape bonds and brushing gently, among other tips. Feel free to reach out to us if you have more questions on aftercare. 

Tape hair extensions are designed to blend seamlessly with your own hair, providing a natural and undetectable enhancement to your hair’s volume and length.

Yes, there are. From different lengths and colours to various hair textures, Eve Hair Extensions offers a wide range of tape hair extensions and other hairdressing services to suit your individual style and preferences.

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