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Eve Hair Extensions has earned a reputation as one of the top-rated salons in Sydney for high-quality hair extensions. We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality human hair extension services.

Our highly trained professionals employ expert, painless application techniques to ensure that your hair looks and feels natural without any discomfort. You’ll walk out of our salon with the hair you’ve always dreamed about. With our skilful application, nobody will know you’re wearing hair extensions.

About Eve Hair Extensions Hair Range

At Eve Hair Extensions, our hair range is sourced from pure virgin human hair bundles, hand-selected by our personal hair agents around the world. All of our hair extensions are obtained from Slavic, European, Indian, and Mongolian Virgin origins, which ensure long-lasting, premium quality human hair extensions at affordable prices.


We offer three types of hair extensions – Nano Bead, Micro Bead, and Tape hair extensions in two ranges, our Signature Range and Euro Remy Hair Range.

Our Signature

Our Signature Range includes luxurious quality human hair carefully hand-selected by our expert hair buyers in Russia & Ukraine. It is suitable for all types of hair textures from fine to thick. Our Signature Range hair extensions are durable and will maintain their vitality and softness for several months with proper care and maintenance.

2 BUNDLE/HALF HEAD $528 $660
4 BUNDLES/FULL HEAD $1056 $1320
6 BUNDLES / HEAD AND HALF $1584 $1980
Hair Range

Our Euro Remy Hair Range is hand-selected for longevity and durability. Hair is sourced in its original state as virgin human hair bundles via a selection of European, Indian & Mongolian Virgin hair origins. This allows us to provide the highest quality long-lasting human hair extensions at affordable prices.

Euro Remy Hair Range 20″ LENGTH 24″ LENGTH
4 BUNDLES/FULL HEAD $825 $1012
6 BUNDLES / HEAD AND HALF $1265 $1518

WhatAre Remy Hair Extensions?

The best hair extensions are made from Remy hair. These are 100% virgin human hair extensions that are obtained directly from a donor and are of the highest quality in terms of looks, texture, cuticle health and durability.

Select donors from countries such as Russia, India, Peru, and Brazil are paid for their natural hair. The length of hair is cut directly from the donor’s ponytail in one bunch and carefully packed so that the cuticle layer is well preserved. This hair is not allowed to fall to the floor. The result is hair that is healthy, soft, and lustrous.

The hair that is cut from the ponytail is gathered in bundles and kept properly aligned in such a way that all strands lie in the same direction from the root to the hair tips. This prevents the strands of hair from getting entangled and preserves the integrity of the cuticles.

Hair extensions that are made from this type of natural human hair look lush and lustrous and are soft and silky to the touch. They stay tangle-free even when attached to your hair and because there’s minimum shedding, entangling, and breakage, they also last much longer.

How Are Remy Hair Extensions Different From Other Human Hair Extensions?

Remy hair is a type of human hair. While all Remy hair extensions are made from human hair, all human hair extensions are not necessarily Remy hair.

Only hair that is cut directly from the donor’s ponytail and maintaining the direction of the hair cuticles, is known as Remy hair. Other lesser quality human hair extensions are made from hair that is collected via different processes. Such as hair that has fallen to the floor after a haircut in a salon and hair collected from brushes.

Hair collected from the salon or from hairbrushes is not regarded as high quality. There is a big downside to using hair collected via these methods. It would have varied textures, as they come from different individuals. Moreover, because the hair falls in different directions, when the strands are collected the cuticles lie in random directions. While this hair can be used for making extensions, it is not considered ideal for the purpose because it will tangle and matt, aside from other reasons stated above.

Another potential problem is that as the hair is collected from the ground, the strands are often mixed with other particles, which is not clean.

Before being made into extensions, the hair collected from various sources is processed and given a silicone coating. This coating gives the hair a silky smooth feel and lustrous look. However, with time as the silicone coating wears off and the hair starts to look dry and frizzy. With the silicone coating, the hair is also is more prone to tangling and shedding.

How Long Will My Remy Hair Extensions Last?

You can expect your Remy hair extensions to last between 6 to 12 months if you care for them properly as per instructions. One thing to remember is that these hair extensions cannot absorb natural oils from the scalp, which is otherwise necessary for maintaining the quality of hair. This is why it is so important that you pay attention to your extensions and look after them well.

At Eve Hair Extensions, we take great care when sourcing and applying our hair extensions, which help extend their life. Our gentle colouring and preparation technique ensures long-lasting, quality hair extensions that do not tangle or lose their quality, re-usable for up to 5- 6 move-up cycles.

How To Care For Your Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions can be your crowning glory for a long time. You maybe surprised that there is not too much more care and attention to keep them looking good than you probably already do with your own hair. So, the good news is that they are super easy to maintain. There are just a few golden rules to apply and you will be set!

These are our top tips for caring for your real hair extensions. Make sure to speak to your hairstylist for care and maintenance advice tailored to your lifestyle.

Everyday Care

  • Brush daily with ‘OriLab Ends Remedy’ leave-in conditioner cream and a soft brush or Tangle Teezer hair extension hairbrush.
  • Brush the ends out before brushing down from the roots (best not to tug or brush harshly when wet).
  • Always dry your hair extensions at the bonds near your roots with a hairdryer after washing. This prevents matted roots and bonds breaking down or shedding.
  • Do not go to bed with wet hair! This will lead to knotty bonds and roots.
  • Do not tie your hair up wet leaving it to dry tied up. This will weaken the bonds and can lead to matted roots or dandruff.
  • Plait for sleeping. One plait at the back or one on each side is fine. A silk pillowcase is also a great recommendation for sleeping with extensions.
  • When using hot styling tools (especially mermaid wavers) be careful not to melt the bonds to your hair by clamping on them and holding. Usually more likely to happen after the extensions have grown down an inch or two.
  • Stick to the recommended adjustment cycle. 5 weeks for very fine/sparse hair, 8 weeks for average or thicker hair.
  • Use salon quality hair products only!
  • Swimming – dampen the mid-lengths to ends of your hair before swimming and apply serum to protect your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine/salt and wash and dry after swimming.

How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions For You – 5 Tips To Keep In Mind

There are several factors you will need to consider when looking for the best hair extensions for you.

#1- Choose the right hair extension material

The best hair extensions are those made from human hair. You’ll find that nothing comes close to the quality, feel, and durability of human hair extensions. Not only do these look the most natural, but they are also the smoothest and healthiest and will last the longest. They also fit into your natural hair easily so that they are indiscernible when you’re wearing them.

Last but not least, these hair extensions can handle all types of weather conditions so much better than synthetic hair extensions. This is something you should think about if you swim often. Human hair extensions are a little more expensive than the synthetic varieties but the higher price is totally worth it!

#2. Choose the right colour

It’s important to pay attention to the colour when choosing hair extensions. The colour of the extension plays an important role in influencing the overall look. What you want to look for is a hair extension in a colour that complements your own hair colour. It doesn’t necessarily have to match your natural hair colour exactly but it definitely should not be too different. You don’t want to choose a black curly hair extension if you’ve got straight blonde hair.

It’s always best to check out hair extension colours during the day so you don’t make a mistake. In daylight, you will be able to see all the shades properly, making it easier for you to choose the right shade.

#3. Choose the right texture

Texture is another important attribute when choosing real hair extensions. The key is to look for one that has a similar texture to your natural hair so that it blends perfectly when it is applied. Choosing a texture that’s very different from your own hair will end up in a dishevelled look no matter how much you try to style it or try to get it to fit in.

You’ll find that hair sourced from different countries is a better fit for certain types of hair textures. For example, hair sourced from India may be a good fit for you if you’ve got thick, dense, and slightly wavy hair. Russian hair extensions may be a better fit if you have thick but straight hair. This is not a strict rule though. There are several variations in the texture of hair extensions from different sources. The best way to ensure that you choose the right texture is by examining the extension closely before making a final selection.

#4. Choose the length you’re comfortable with

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the length of hair extensions. Both look equally good. The right length for you will depend on your lifestyle, how much time you have on your hands, and what you’re comfortable with.

If you have a hectic schedule with very little time to spend on hair care, choose a short hair extension. Short hair extensions are also a good choice for someone who spends a lot of time pursuing outdoor activities such as trekking, cycling, or swimming. On the other hand, if you like the idea of spending time styling your hair, you may love 22 inch hair extensions.

Lifestyle aside, some people are just more comfortable with a certain length of hair. Take time to consider your lifestyle, comfort level, and preferences when choosing the length of the hair extension.

#5. Get expert advice

Hair extensions can make a world of a difference to the density, colour, and appearance of your hair and your overall look. But choosing the right one is not as easy as you may think. With so many types of human hair extensions available in a variety of lengths, colours, and textures, choosing one can be overwhelming.

If this is your first experience with choosing and fitting a hair extension, the best thing to do is to seek the advice of a hairstylist that has the necessary knowledge and expertise in hair extensions.

At Eve Hair Extensions, our professionals have several years of experience in helping our customers choose hair extensions that are best suited to them. Our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing our customers walk out of our salon confidently with hair extensions that are a perfect match for their natural hair and their overall personality.

Why Choose Eve Hair Extensions

At Eve Hair Extensions, the integrity of your natural hair is just as important to us as it is to you! We understand this and pull out all the stops to ensure that you walk out of our salon happy and confident with your newly applied hair extensions.

Here’s what you can expect when you get your hair extensions from Eve Hair Extensions:

Luxurious, Ethically Sourced Human Hair

All of the hair extensions at Eve Hair Extensions are made from luxurious human hair that is ethically sourced from around the world and hand-selected by our expert hair agents. This ensures that our hair extensions are of the highest quality to give you that gorgeous, natural look that is sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

Extensive Range Of Hair Extensions

We offer a varied range of hair extensions to suit different lifestyles and preferences. Our Signature Range Nano Bead Hair Extensions and Euro Remy Hair Extension are available in 20” and 24” lengths and the length of our Tape Hair Extensions are available is 20”. All of these are available in different shades.

Expert Hair Stylists

Eve Hair Extensions is one of the few salons in Sydney that specialise in hair extension supply and application. Our hair stylists have over a decade of hair extension experience and are the best in the business. We use specialised tools and techniques for precise and painless hair extension application and removal.

Specialist Application Techniques You Can Rely On

We use specialised tools and techniques so that your hair extension fits securely and comfortably without being so tight that it hurts. The light, gentle attachment points allow you to flaunt your natural-looking hair without discomfort or pain. With our precision application methods, your hair extension will be undetectable. You’ll be able to tie up your hair or style it any way you want without the bonds being visible to anyone.

Customised Services

In addition to hair extension applications, we also offer a range of services including:

  • Hair extension adjustment services
  • Hair extension removal services
  • Colouring services
  • Styling and hair cuts

Luxury Hair Extensions Without The Expensive Price Tag

We believe that looking good shouldn’t break the bank. We keep our prices low so everyone can enjoy the ultimate luxury without the expensive price tag. Whether you’re looking for straight or curly hair extensions to add length or volume to your hair, you’re sure to find a hair extension you like at a price you can afford at Eve Hair Extensions.

Elevate your look beyond extensions

Explore our full range of hairdressing services beyond extensions to enhance your look. Book an appointment at Eve Hair Extensions today, or reach out to us if you have any questions — our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

FAQs Hair Extensions

We offer a variety of human hair extensions including nano-bead, tape-ins and micro-bead extensions, all made from the best human hair for a natural look and feel.

They provide volume, length and versatility in styling without the commitment of permanent changes to your natural hair.

With proper care, semi-permanent hair extensions can last from 4 to 6 weeks, while permanent hair extensions can last up to 6 months or more.

Semi-permanent extensions like tape extensions and bead extensions can be a shorter-term or long-term solution. They allow for easy in-salon removal and reapplication whenever you choose. 

When applied and maintained correctly, they should not damage your hair. We recommend professional installation and regular maintenance checks to ensure that your extensions stay in good condition along with your own hair.

They offer a long-term solution for adding volume and length, blending seamlessly with natural hair for a consistent look you can rely on. Just have them maintained every 6-8 weeks for long term and continuous wear.

Use gentle, sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners, avoid sleeping with wet hair and brush gently with a soft-bristle brush.

They provide a flexible and less permanent option for those looking to experiment with their look or seeking a new style for a wedding or special event. Our extensions can be considered semi-permanent or permanent depending on how you want to wear and maintain them. 

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