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Nano Bead Hair Extensions

Euro Remy Hair Range

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Nano Bead Human Hair Extensions available in our top of the range Russian Signature or our affordable and durable European Remy providing the best and longest lasting quality human hair extensions at affordable prices.

European Remy
4 BUNDLES/FULL HEAD $1056 $825
6 BUNDLES / HEAD AND HALF $1584 $1265


Our Nanobead Hair Extensions are the most in-demand hair extensions available. These extensions will be your best kept secret! Find out why they are the best hair extensions around.

  • The most Discrete, Safe & Secure extension type available
  • Our NanoBeads are 90% Smaller than the traditional Microbead rings
  • 1gram Strands, specially engineered extension tip to fit safely into the tiny beads
  • Lightweight & Comfortable to wear & sleep on
  • Re-usable for up to 12 months; move up every 2 months
  • Individual extension strands allow for easy blowdrying, styling and washing
  • No Glue, Heat or Braiding required to attach the bonds; safer and comfortable to wear
  • A full head applied in as little as 90 minutes
  • No pain or harsh remover required to remove the extensions
    Our Extensions are kept in stock, so no long order wait times.
    Luxurious Quality, 100% Human Hair only. No blends, Superior Quality Hair.


This revolutionary method of hair extension attachment is easily disguised in your hair due to its minute size and individual strand method. It is comfortable to wear, easy to style and re-usable over and over again. Absolutely No glue and No melting of anything into your hair under this attachment method. It is just cleanly and neatly applied. See the photos pictured on this page showing how the tiny hair extension nano beads look once attached.


At Eve Hair Extensions, we find the nano bead hair extensions method to be the best application technique for thick or thin hair. So well hidden, blending naturally into your hair and allows for the greatest ease of wear, gentleness on your natural hair and best value with multiple adjustments possible with the one set.

Nano bead extensions are basically a new and improved beaded technique vs’ the micro bead or copper bell extension method. The micro bead are the old big clunky beads that were more visible and uncomfortable against your scalp. The tiny nano beads are so much smaller, lightweight and completely well hidden and most of all, comfortable and safe on your hair.

At Eve Hair Extensions, we are highly skilled and experienced in the nano-bead application method and use the correct technique and equipment to ensure safe and secure attachment. We take the upmost care to ensure no damage to our clients hair, the soft clamp nano-beads and expert technique protect our clients hair during extension wear and offering superb quality and longevity. You may be wondering, because the nano bead is so small, does that mean you need to apply twice as many bonds? The answer is no. The amount of hair in our nano-bead hair extensions, per strand is still a generous 1 gram thick! Because the bonded tip of the extension is specifically designed to fit the small bead the quantity of the hair in each extension piece is uncompromised.

The Nano-Link beads are one tenth of the size of the traditional micro-link beads. Our nano-beads are the safest on the market in terms of avoiding damage, we have soft close nano-beads to protect your hair while its held in the extension attachment during wear. The soft close nano-beads are unique to Eve Hair Extensions. The tiny beads hide so well in any colour hair and are an especially fantastic solution for blondes who can find other attachment methods harder to disguise. Though the beads are small, the amount of hair in our nano-bead hair extensions is per strand is still a generous 1gram thick! The Nano-Links beads are one tenth of the size of the traditional micro-link beads. Our nano-beads are the safest on the market in terms of avoiding damage, we have silicon lining inside our nano-beads to protect your hair while its held in the extension attachment during wear. The silicon nano-beads are unique to Eve Hair Extensions. The tiny beads hide so well in any colour hair and are an especially fantastic solution for blondes who can find other attachment methods harder to disguise.


The extensions are applied in a similar fashion to microbead extensions, with strands of hair in a shoelace type tip in horizontal rows around your head. Small sections of your hair are threaded through the tiny beads; the extension tip is lined up inside the bead close to your scalp and then neatly clamped closed with special hair extension pliers. These are applied professionally. No glue, no braiding and no heat used to apply these extensions.


The nano bead attachment grows down with your natural hair growth. After about 8 weeks it will be approx 1 inch from your roots. Its best to have it re-fitted back to the roots again every 8 weeks. The bead is removed, your hair is brushed out and the same extension pieces are re-fitted neatly again back near the roots with a new bead.

Maintenance should be kept up every 6-8 weeks for the best results. This involves removing the extensions entirely from your head, then freshly reapplying with new beads securing them once again close to your roots for another 8 weeks of va va voom hair! You can re-use the same hair when its time to move the extensions up. No need to buy a new set of hair every time. The bonds are reinforced to ensure no shedding and no melting! Keeping the maintenance cycles on-time is best practice when it comes to wearing hair extensions. This helps to keep your hair in the best condition and works towards avoiding any damage from occurring that can be caused by leaving extensions in past their maintenance due date. If you have had nano-bead extensions done elsewhere, or have your own nano-tip extensions, we do offer a maintenance service for you even though your hair was not supplied by us originally. If you are unsure if they are the same attachment method, please call to enquire, more than likely we can help you.


Explore our range of hair extensions and hair services beyond nano bead extensions in Sydney. For more details or to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Nano-bead extensions are excellent value! The little bit extra you pay upfront compared to the standard (bigger bead) micro-link extensions, the nano’s are the best value over a 12-month period! These extensions do their job well! As mentioned in the dot points above, they are reusable for up to 12 months or more and hide the best in your hair! While these extensions have for a long time been a little out of reach for some people due to the price factor. Recently, we have been able to announce a sale! As we are mobile, we are proud to be able to keep our costs down and pass off savings and sales to our customers while providing outstanding quality products and a dedicated, personalised service.

FAQs Nano Beads

Nano bead hair extensions are a type of extension that uses tiny beads to attach strands of hair to your natural hair, offering a discreet and secure method of hair enhancement.

Yes, both types can be styled as it is natural human hair, though it’s advisable to use heat-protection products.

These extensions are known for their comfort, durability and minimal visibility, making them a popular choice for those seeking a natural look.

With proper care, European Remy hair extensions from Eve Hair Extensions can last twelve months, this may vary based on individual care routines.

A professional stylist attaches the extensions using small beads that clamp the extension to your natural hair, requiring no heat or glue.

Regular, gentle washing, conditioning and minimal heat styling will help maintain the quality.

Use gentle hair care products, avoid tugging or pulling, and brush carefully with a soft-bristle brush to maintain their condition.

Prices vary based on the quantity required for length, volume and also the hair type. A consultation can provide a specific quote.

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Russian hair extensions are often finer and softer, while European Remy hair extensions are known for their strength and texture variety, both offering high-quality options for hair enhancement.

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