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EVE HAIR EXTENSIONS is your answer to longer or thicker hair. The most amazing, healthy hair of your dreams!

Eve Hair Extensions are one of the few salons who specialise in hair extension supply and application and with over a decade of hair extension experience, we have found the nano link extension method to be one of the very best application techniques in overall natural look and as well as being the most gentle and kind on your hair.

We have specifically designed tools and hair extension nano-tip strands for correct nano-bead application and removal. Our method and use of the correct technique and equipment, ensures safe and secure attachment as well as best long term care for your natural hair.

Eve Hair Extensions

We take extra steps to ensure no damage to our clients hair, the gentle clamp nano-beads and expert technique protect our clients hair during extension wear and offering superb quality and longevity.

We are also excited to now be offering our customers the option of Organic Hair Colour Services and a wide range of Organic take home hair care. The Organic Range is new to Australia from Italy and offers unsurpassable colour results as well as nurturing for your hair and body.

All of our hair extensions are designed to be easy for customers to care for at home in between salon visits. Our hair extensions are reusable for multiple salon applications for up to 12 months with the correct aftercare routine.

The integrity of your natural hair is just as important to us as it is to you!
The most luxurious human hair Quality and attachment technique you can Rely On!

  • Do you want hair extensions that allow your natural hair to grow uninhibited?
  • Do you want hair Extensions that are secure, yet not glued in or put in so tight your head hurts?
  • Do you want the best natural hair quality with the lightest, gentle attachment points?
  • Do you want a comfortable, undetectable hair extension method?
  • Do you want hair extensions that can last for up to 2 years?
  • Do you want hair extensions that are re-usable and retains its high quality over time?
  • Do you want hair extensions that blend instantly with your natural hair texture?
  • Do you want to be able to still colour your hair while the extensions are in?
  • Do you want hair Extensions that are so well hidden, easy to tie up without seeing any bonds?
  • Do you want hair extensions that are safe and gentle on your hair?

The solution is our Nano Bead Hair Extension method available in either the Superior Naturals Range and our Signature Range.


Frequently Asked Questions

You will love our nano-ring hair extensions. Come in for a complimentary consultation and try one on and see for yourself how well hidden they are in your hair. Most women say they don’t even feel like there is anything attached to their hair! Best yet, your hair still grows without restriction while wearing the extensions.

The integrity of your natural hair is just as important to us as it is to you!
We provide you with thorough after care tips and a personalised re-adjustment schedule based on your hair type. The removal and re-adjustment of our extensions is very gentle. To remove, the bead is simply un-clipped with our custom made removal tool.No sticky messy removal, no chemical solvents, no pain and most importantly, gentle on your natural hair.

We keep a full range of extensions in stock so we can create the perfect blend to match your hair colour and volume on the spot!

Our luxurious quality human hair lasts from 10 months to 2 years depending on what type of hair your select.Maintain with re-adjustment periods of 6-8 weeks in-between using the same hair during the move up cycles. The regular move up cycles help to keep your natural hair in immaculate condition. As your hair grows from the roots, the extensions grow down with your hair. After 6-8 weeks the same set of extensions are readjusted so we can brush out andre-position the original attachment points securely at the roots where you have new healthy hair growth ready for another 6-8 week cycle.

We can help. We offer free hair extension consultations. Find out how many extensions you might need, get a quote and feel what its like to have one placed in your hair, we can colour match you with the extensions for a perfect blend and even apply them on the same day if you like.

Great news for you…we supply, expertly apply, and have full hairdressing services available, including the option for Organic Hair Colour and Organic product range, to provide a perfect finish so you can finally get the hair of your dreams all in one the one place!

You have come to the right place. We specialise in the most discrete and easy to care for extensions around. The nano –bead hair extensions are leading the way as the smallest and least noticeable attachment point in re-usable hair extensions on the market! This coupled with our expert placement technique ensures you can confidently wear your extensions without fear of being found out!

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Nano Bead Extensions

Nano Bead Extensions

Gentle, Lightweight, Secure attachment
method. Works well in thick or fine hair.
Re-usable, long lasting.

Price List

Price List

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Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions

Be confident knowing our
tape application method is secure in
your hair.

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