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Micro Bead Hair Extensions
In Sydney


The micro-bead hair extension method has been around for a long time. You may have come across them or even had them before. They are not to be confused with the nano bead. The micro-bead or copper bells are much larger and more bulky than the nano bead extensions. Many customers prefer the small, discrete and lightweight size of the nano beads vs the older chunky style micro or copper bell beads.

The nano bead is best thought of as a new and improved version of the micro bead or copper bell. The nano bead has been adapted from these types of attachment methods with the major benefit of being 90% smaller, more comfortable and a whole lot less noticeable in your hair! The nano extensions also stay in your hair much more securely, never needing double beading as you may have experienced with micro beads in the past.

With the nano, there is no glue, heat or rough pulling required to apply the nano extensions and the hair is reusable. That means, when it’s time for maintenance every 2 months, you can re-use the same hair so it’s affordable to maintain. Due to the method being an individual strand-by-strand attachment, the benefit is with the smaller bead, you can tie your hair up easily or wear it down as you please. Nano bead extensions are perfect for thin or thick hair, and can be used for adding length, volume or both! You can straighten, curl, blow-dry and you can colour your hair with them such as tint all over, foils for t-section or up to a half head of foils, not recommended to scalp bleach or lighten extensions with the beads attached or lighten the extensions. For these types of colour services best to remove the extensions during the move up appointment and then reapply after the colour.

We specialised in the micro bead and copper bell extension method for many years before the nano bead application technique came onto the scene. Since then, we just can’t go past the nano method. It truly is the best! Eve Hair Extensions have applied thousands and thousands of bead hair extension strands to our many satisfied clients in Sydney and far and wide over the years. The tiny bead softly clamps securely on your hair, protecting your hair in the bond until your move up is due. The beads come in a range of colours chosen to match best with the colour of your roots where the bead rests so it is very well disguised in your hair.


The great thing about our nano hair extensions is that just like the older style micro-bead extensions they can be left in for up to 2- 3 months before requiring any maintenance or tightening! The other fantastic thing about this type of hair extension attachment method is the hair extensions are designed to be reusable! Yes that’s right, you don’t have to buy new hair every time you need your extensions moved up (unlike the keratin bonded types such as Great Lengths where you have to buy new hair every maintenance cycle).

During your maintenance appointment the extensions are completely removed and then freshly reapplied with new beads and ready for another 2-3 months of wear. You can recycle the same hair for up to three to four maintenance cycles or, approximately 9 months. Another attractive factor about our nano-bead hair extensions is the option to choose from two price points. The Euro Remy Range (more affordable) or the Russian Signature Range. Prices start as low as $220 for a quarter head of premium human hair extensions. We only use 100% human Remy hair. This is guaranteed! Another benefit related to this type of attachment method is the way these extensions are removed is damage free and painless. There is no damage as the extensions are easily released from the bead with our very gentle removal tool, with no messy glue or removal solution. The bead is simply squeezed open with the hair extension release tool and the hair extensions slide out with ease without a trace within seconds! The bead attachment method is quick to apply. A full head takes less than 2 hours!

As the bead attachment system is individual strands, (created to sit in your hair with flexibility and natural movement) a standard full head uses on average 100 extension strands and beads, each extension strand weighs 1 gram. This distributes the weight of the extensions evenly through the middle and side sections of your hair. Something we have all seen at some point and can apply to any type of extension method. When extensions are not applied correctly they will, just like any other type of extensions, be noticeable or even prone to slipping out if not applied correctly. Don’t risk it! Make sure you are seeking the service of a professional such as Eve Hair Extensions when it comes to your hair extension application.


The nano bead extensions are crafted into individual strands of 1g pieces of hair called nano-tips. These are attached with a tiny soft metal bead (rang of 5 bead colours) to match the colour of your roots so they blend in undetectably at the attachment point in your hair. The extension strands are applied in neat, horizontal rows around the back – mid sections of your head and around the sides to balance the whole way around your head.

Extensions are not applied up high on your crown or along the hair line, the top layers of your hair cover the bonded areas where the extensions are attached. micro-bead hair extension rows. Our Bead Hair Extensions sit gently and securely in your hair. Most people say how light they feel or that they can’t feel anything at all. The hair extension pieces are inserted into the beads with small sections of your hair threaded through the bead and clamped closed near the roots of your hair without any pulling. To remove, the beads are simply squeezed in the opposite direction with our hair extension removal tool and the hair is released without damage. There is no mess or damage and no pain involved whatsoever! Arrange a consultation with us today to see if this method is best suited to you.


Micro bead hair extensions are a popular, no-glue hair extension method where small strands of hair are attached to your own hair using tiny, silicone-lined beads. They’re a great way of adding length and volume that’s kind to your hair.

Considering your hair type, the volume and length you’re after, and your lifestyle is key. Micro bead extensions are a fantastic choice for most hair types. They’re especially great if you’re looking for a semi-permanent option that allows for flexibility in styling and movement.

With proper care, micro bead hair extensions can last up to 12 months. Regular 8-week maintenance appointments are essential to adjust the beads as your hair grows to keep them looking perfect.

Prices for micro bead hair extensions in Sydney vary widely based on the quality of hair and the desired volume and length, but investing in quality extensions ensures a natural look and a longer lifespan.

The number of strands you’ll need depends on your hair type and the volume you’re aiming for. On average, you might need to buy micro bead hair extensions with anywhere from 100 to 150 strands for a full head, but it’s best to consult with a professional to get a precise assessment.

Absolutely. You can colour your hair even with the extensions in place, but avoid bleaching the extensions themselves. You can style micro bead extensions just as you would your natural hair. It’s important to remember to use heat-protectant products and avoid applying high heat directly to the beads to maintain the integrity of the extensions.

There’s a variety to choose from, including different lengths, colours and hair types. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic change, you can find the perfect match to achieve your desired look with micro bead hair extensions in Sydney.

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