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Hair Extension care tips

A little after care of your hair extensions goes a long way! Plus your natural hair will greatly benefit from the extra attention.To ensure you get the best out of your set of extensions and keep the soft and luscious feeling of the hair for as long as possible, please check out these tips!

  • Only use the recommended salon only products on your extensions and include a leave in treatment to keep hydrated through the lengths.
  • Best practice is to always dry your roots, the bonded area of the extensions, after washing. This prevents the bonds from weakening and also keeps your scalp healthy while wearing extensions.
  • Brush your hair and extensions with the Tangle Teezer hair Extension hair brush. The bristles are long and flexible so they glide through the extensions thoroughly and get right to the root without snagging the bonds.
  • Avoid paraben, sulphate, keratin or protein products
  • Keep your move up adjustment schedule regular. Recommended is 6-8 week cycles depending how fine your hair is. The finer your hair, the more regularly you should adjust the extensions.
  • Plait your hair in a loose plait for sleeping
  • Do not go to bed with wet hair
  • Do not swim with your hair extensions tied in a bun, a plait is better.
  • Avoid spa water on your hair extensions
  • You can colour your hair with extensions in. Such as root touch-ups, all over colour or foils up to a half head of foils is possible with the extensions in. For a full head of foils or scalp bleaching or lightening its recommended to remove the extensions then reapply after colour
  • Not recommended to directly lighten hair extensions, you can tone them or colour same level or darker.

At Eve Hair Extensions we take out time to explain to you the correct care and products to use on your hair extensions. Re-Adjustments are recommended every 6 – 8 weeks.
We provide ourclients withdetailed after-carerecommendations and take home care guides to refer to. The hair extension care booklet provides tips and recommendations on how to look after your hair extensions in between salon visits.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure happy, healthy and hassle free, long lasting hair extensions!

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