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The amount of hair extensions you need to achieve or your goal of either length, volume or both will determine how much extension hair you need to add for a truly blended look. You also need to consider the current length and volume of your natural hair when deciding how many extensions you will need.

This is important to ensure you add enough extension hair for an undetectable smooth transition from your hair into the extensions. It also makes it easier to style when you have the correct amount fitted.
Generally, the more distance between your natural hair and the desired extended length, the more hair extensions you need to add. The thicker your natural hair or the shorter your natural hair the more extensions you need to add for volume.

If you have very naturally thin volume in your hair you can get away with a lesser quantity of extensions than someone with very thick volume, short natural hair who is wanting waist length extensions.

Here are some general guidelines below for estimating the hair extension quantity that might suit your hair:

Quarter Head

Used to create a little extra volume around the sides to even out short sides with the length at the back or add a little extra volume at back. Extensions then cut to your natural hair length.

Half head

Used to add volume to the sides and back in very long hair or in very thin, fine hair any length. Usually cut to your natural hair length. Not usually enough to create length, the ends could look too skinny. Usually more extension hair is needed for creating length that blends your natural hair into it.

Three Quarter Head

Used to add extra volume on the sides & back. Can be used for length in very thin hair or hair that is already quite long and average to fine volume.

Full Head

Used to add length to the average volume hair or mid length hair. Usually enough for length in short, thin hair though not suitable to add length to thick, voluminous short hair, more usually required so it blends)

Head & Half or more

Used for length and volume or extending the length in short hair, thick hair or combination of the both.
A consultation in person will give you the most thorough quote, however, in the meantime, this should help to give you an idea of how much your new do might cost.

You can visit our pricing page to find out the costof how many extensions you may need.

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