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Bead comparison

The micro-bead extensions are individual strands of hair called I-Tips or nano ring extensions are nano tips. These are attached with a tiny bead designed to match the colour of your hair so they blend in undetectably near the roots of your hair. The extension strands are applied in neat, horizontal rows around back, mid sections of your head and around the sides to balance the whole way around your head.

The extensions are not applied on the top of your head on your crown, otherwise they would be visible and also very uncomfortable.The placement is very important to avoid being seen and to avoid stress on your hair.The top layers of your hair cover the neat rows of bonds.

The beads that are used to attach the extensions are cushioned and the bead protects your hair while it is held in the bead from any breakage. The beads are secure and gentle on your hair, when placed in your hair correctly they will notslip out.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions pieces are inserted into the beads with small sections of your hair threaded through the bead and clamped closed near the roots of your hair. To remove the extensions, the beads are simply squeeze in the opposite direction via the specially designed hair extension removal tool and the hair is released without pain or damage to your natural hair.

The great thing about individual bead extensions is that they can be re-used.You can wear them for 2 months before requiring any re-adjusting. That’s right, you don’t have to buy new hair every time you need your extensions moved up (unlike the keratin bonded types such as Great Lengths where you have to buy new hair once they grow down too low). During your maintenance appointment the extensions are completely removed and then freshly reapplied with new beads and ready for another 8 weeks wear. You can reuse the same hair extension set for around 6 maintenance cycles, that is 12 months! Great value for a hair extension system.

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