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Salon stocked brands vs supermarket the best choice in general better when it comes to hair care. When it comes to extensions, salon brands are the only ones you should reach for.

The supermarket shampoos and conditioners are convenient and cheap, however, they are definitely not doing your hair any good. You may find thatit doesn’t feel too bad? Don’t be fooled, that would be the nasty silicones that coat the hairmaking it feel silkyand shiny, over time this siliconegenerates a plastic coating that causes build up, blocking your hair from receiving nurturing from conditioning products causing it to become dull and lifeless. It can also interfere with colour penetrating your hair leaving you with murky colour results. In some extreme cases your hair can steam when coloured and the build up prevents the colour from working effectively.

Stick to salon only hair care brands. These products generally use higher quality ingredients that will benefit your hair from the inside out. Opt for sulphate and parben free at all times. Sulphate is drying and can strip your colour and interfere with the outcome of your colour services. Paraben’s are harmful to your bodyand known to be carcinogenic.

When it comes to hair extensions, seek out brands that are sulphate & paraben free with no keratin or proteins. We especially love OWay Organic Hair Baths and Masks and find Olaplex to work wonders too.

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