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Hair Extension Service in Sydney

Eve Hair Extensions is a mobile hair extension service in Sydney. We have been operating in Sydney since 2009 providing professional and affordable hair extension services to many happy Sydney-siders. We believe in providing quality hair extension product and application service first and foremost. We offer affordability and convenience via our personalised mobile service and are happy to have built up a strong reputation over the years with many regular happy customers!

Sydney is a big place, we try to reach as many areas we can as possible, some of our most frequented locations include Northern Beaches & Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, Sydney City and now we are covering parts of the Western Suburbs!

“Not all hair extensions are equal…Our focus is on delivering our customers the highest quality human hair extensions at affordable prices!”

We are the best value, though not the cheapest. We do not sacrifice on high quality, however, we are able to keep quality high and prices down due to our mobile showroom service, hence, we pass the savings on to our customers.

We supply and apply Premium Cuticle Correct Human Hair and Virgin Russian Human Hair Extensions (on special order). We are able to guarantee our hair is 100% real human hair. It is soft and silky, tangle free and does not shed. The origin of the hair is from Slavic regions such as Russia, Poland (for the top of the range Virgin Russian hair) and we also stock high quality European/Caucasian which is our beautiful quality cuticle correct human hair and not chemically processed.  There is hair on the hair market available to suit a variety of hair types and budgets, though the price usually be an indication of quality. If you are offered 'Virgin Russian hair' for $400 I would say it may likely not be true. 

We also offer Virgin Russian Hair (hair from Russian donors that has never been coloured, permed or processed ever) as a premium option for those that seek this. Majority of our customers find our Deluxe Cuticle Correct European Hair is of excellent quality and is better affordable than the Virgin Russian Hair often over $1500 if real Russian hair)We use only the best quality hair extensions no matter what type of hair you seek so you will have only the most natural, soft and shiny looking extensions applied by Eve Hair Extensions

Eve Hair Extensions has a wide range of colours and textures to perfectly match and blend with your natural hair for an undetectable result. There are over 16 colours to choose from in the natural colour range.

Hair Extension Application Techniques

We are constantly on top of the latest hair extension technology and commit to using only the safest and most long lasting techniques available on the market today. We find the cold-fusion methods to be the least damaging and best value for money for our clients as these are re-usable hair extension methods and do the least damage to natural hair. 

“Our Hair Extensions require no heat, no glue, no sewing, no braiding, no bulky bonds, no pain to your natural Hair!”

The best hair extension application & maintenance methods include:

  • Nano-bead Hair Extensions: smallest micro-link attachment on the market, our beads now with silicon lining inside the nano-beads for protection from damage.
  • Micro-bead Hair Extensions: silicon lined beads, most affordable bead attachment method
  • Tape Hair Extensions: flat bonds, very comfortable to wear, wont slip out with our magic tape

“Get the hair of your dreams and pay it off in instalments with our Payment Plan”

Receive a free Hair Extension Loop Brush will all Micro-Bead or Nano-Bead hair extensions.
Book a Consultation today! Find out which hair extension method, texture and colour will provide you with the seamlessly flowing, beautiful healthy looking long hair instantly!

During the consultation you can see the hair quality first hand, learn about the application process and maintenance requirements. You will also have the opportunity to test how the extensions feel in your hair!

“During the consultation we will apply an actual hair extension for you so you can see & feel what it is like to wear before you deciding to go ahead”

You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like to make sure you have all the information you need to make your final decision and proceed with the hair extension application appointment.

See the hair and feel the quality of our human hair extensions. We have a large range of hair extension colours available. The colour assessment is carried out at the consultation to ensure the best match with your hair for an undetectable result.

We welcome your enquiry and look forward to hearing from you at Eve Hair Extensions

Eve Hair Extensions