Microbead hair extensions

Micro-Bead & Copper Bell Hair Extensions Sydney

The micro-bead hair extension method has a lot to offer as a hair extension solution. We can also use the Copper-Bell beads that are similar, more of a flatter tube shape bead. There is no glue, heat or rough pulling required to apply the extensions and the hair is re-usable. That means, when its time for maintenance every 2-3 months, you can re-use the same hair so its cheaper to maintain. Due to the method being an individual strand by strand attachment, the benefit is you can tie your hair up easily or wear it down as you please.

Micro-bead extensions can be used for adding length, volume or both! You can straighten, curl, blow-dry and even get away with coloring your roots while they are still attached before maintenance is due.

The micro-bead extension method is also known as micro-cylinders, micro-links or copper bells. The Micro-Bead hair extension application technique is one that we specialise in, along with nano-bead extensions and tape extensions. Eve Hair Extensions, have applied thousands of micro-bead hair extension strands to our many satisfied clients across Sydney over the years.

The silicon cushioned micro-beads (the beads used to attach the extensions) act as a soft pillow, protecting your hair in the bond from heat, metal and damage. The beads come in a range of colours chosen to match best with your hair colour and hide well in your hair.

This photo shows the older style chunky, bulky micro-bead bonds on the left, next to the well hidden, discrete and comfortable nano-bead bonds on the right.

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About Micro-Bead Hair Extensions

The great thing about micro-bead extensions is that they can be left in for up to 3 months before requiring any maintenance or tightening! That is definitely a positive. The other fantastic thing about this type of hair extension attachment method is the hair extensions are designed to be reusable! Yes that’s right, you don’t have to buy new hair every time you need your extensions moved up (unlike the keratin bonded types such as Great Lengths where you have to buy new hair every maintenance cycle).

During your maintenance appointment the extensions are completely removed and then freshly reapplied with new beads and ready for another 2-3 months wear. You can recycle the same hair for up to three to four maintenance cycles or, approximately 9 months.

Another attractive factor about Micro-bead hair extensions is the price. These are one of our more affordable extension options with prices starting as low as $550 for a full head of premium human hair extensions. We only use 100% human Remy hair. This is guaranteed!

Another benefit related to this type of attachment method is the way these extensions are removed is damage free and painless. There is no damage as the extensions are easily released from the bead, no messy glue or removers, the bead is simply squeezed open with the hair extension pliers and the hair extensions slide out with ease without a trace within seconds!

The micro-bead attachment method is quick to apply. A full head takes only about 1.5 hours. As the micro-beads are individual strands, (created to sit in your hair with flexibility and natural movement) a standard full head uses on average 100 extension strands and beads, each extension strand weighs 1gram. This distributes the weight of the extensions evenly through the middle and side sections of your hair.

Something we have all seen at some point and can apply to any type of extension method…When extensions are not applied correctly or placed in the hair incorrectly they will, just like any other type of extensions, be noticeable or even prone to slipping out if not applied correctly. Don’t risk it! Make sure you are seeking the service of a professional such as Eve Hair Extensions when it comes to hair extension application.

I have had the same set of Eve Hair Extensions for nearly a year now. It has been bleached, toned and styled with hot irons almost every day. Still it is soft, natural looking and in wonderful condition.
Alyx H.

Available in Straight or Wavy

These hair extensions come in a range of textures & colours. From silky straight, body wave and curly hair extensions, from lightest blonde to black. We have a wide range of micro-bead hair extension colours in stock. This means, no waiting time if you are in a hurry to wear your new extensions we can apply these on the day of consultation if you wish.

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How are Micro-Bead Extensions Applied?

The micro-bead extensions are individual strands of hair called I-tips. These are attached with a tiny aluminum bead designed to match the colour of your hair so they blend in undetectably near the roots of your hair. The extension strands are applied in neat, horizontal rows around back – mid sections of your head and around the sides to balance the whole way around your head. No extensions are applied up high, so they avoid being seen as the top layers of your hair cover the bonded areas.

micro-bead hair extension rowsThe beads that are used to attach the extensions are cushioned with a soft silicon insert. The silicon inside the bead protects your hair while it is held in the bead from any breakage and also from any heat that your hair may endure from blow-dryers and hot irons. The other great thing about the silicon cushion inside the micro-beads is that it also prevents the extensions from slipping out!Micro Bead Hair Extensions

The hair extension pieces are inserted into the beads with small sections of your hair threaded through the bead and clamped closed near the roots of your hair. To remove, the beads are simply squeeze in the opposite direction and the hair is released. There is no mess or damage and no pain involved what so ever!

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This photo shows the older style chunky, bulky micro-bead bonds on the left, next to the well hidden, discrete and comfortable nano-bead bonds on the right.

I’ve had many many types of hair extensions in my life, I’ve tried every style and kind, but these are by far the best I have EVER had.
Kitty L.