Hair Extension Maintenance Sydney

Eve Hair Extensions offer a hair extensions re-tightening service. When its time to have your extensions moved up, we can help, even if you originally had your extensions applied elsewhere. The type of extensions we offer this service on include:

  • Micro-Link Hair Extensions
  • Nano-Link Hair Extensions
  • Tape Hair Extensions

The after care of your hair extensions is vital in extending the life of your hair extensions for as long as you can. The hair is no longer receiving the nutrients it once was from the scalp so a little extra daily care can go a long way. Plus your natural hair will greatly benefit from this extra attention.

At Eve Hair Extensions we take out time to explain to you the correct care and products to use on your hair extensions. Maintenance is required every 6 – 12 weeks depending on the hair extension method & how fast your natural hair grows before the extensions will need to be moved back up close to your scalp once again.

Here is an example of Micro-Bead Hair extension maintenance. This example shows a clients hair extension bonds after 10 weeks of wear since her extensions were first applied.  You can see the extensions have not fallen out, just grown down and are ready to be re-positioned again. The same set of hair extensions can be used again for this method,  the extensions are re-adjusted neatly with new beads. No need to buy new hair every time you require a move up!

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Removal of hair extensions can be done in as little as 10-30 minutes. All the hair extension methods we use at Eve Hair Extensions are designed to be re-usable. This means, you don’t have to buy a new set of hair every few months. Maintenance appointments generally take about 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on the quantity of hair extensions you have. As the hair can be reused, the cost of reapplication is considerably less than the first purchase & application appointment.

I have had the same set of Eve Hair Extensions for nearly a year now. It has been bleached, toned and styled with hot irons almost every day. Still it is soft, natural looking and in wonderful condition.
Alyx H.

Hair Extension Maintenance Tips

All Eve Hair Extensions clients receive a detailed after-care instructions booklet & specially designed loop brush to keep their extensions in top condition. The hair extension care booklet provides tips and recommendations on how to look after your hair extensions.

Reasons to Choose the Nano-Bead Extension Method…

Eve hair extensions provide a maintenance service for the following application types:

  • Micro-Bead Hair Extension Maintenance
  • Tape Hair Extension Maintenance.
  • Nano- bead Hair Extension Maintenance

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