Real Human Hair Extensions

We are proud to be able to guarantee our hair is 100% Premium Human Hair for all our customers – we only use the highest grade hair which we source from our reliable supplier to ensure consistent, high quality hair and workmanship that we can rely on.

We are hair extension specialists and we know the good from the bad when it comes to hair extensions. Optional mobile service or Dee Why Hair Extension Salon, we are able to pass the savings and convenience on to you!

When it comes to hair extension quality, it often comes down to how the hair has been collected and processed. Have you ever had some amazing ‘Russian Remy’ hair, then tried another company’s Russian Remy hair that just didn’t compare and can’t work out why? The secret to good quality hair extensions is what state it was in when it was collected and processed. The less ‘processing’ the better.

We are highly aware of tricks used by suppliers to disguise the hair as soft and luxurious when really it’s been overly chemically processed and will result in dry tangled mess after a few washes. Or even worse, mixed with heat resistant synthetic hair or even other non-human hair!

We have carefully chosen our select few private suppliers based on their high quality standards and ethical hair collection and gentle hair preparation methods. We pay a premium for our extensions to ensure the hair is 100% human hair, prepared in the gentlest way, such as no ammonia baths or heavy chemical processing. Even though we pay premiums for our hair stock, we are able to balance out cost and pass savings on to you as we buy in bulk quantities and keep stock on hand so no order wait times for customers.

Of course, prices vary depending on the hair grade & origin you opt for with Virgin Russian hair being the higher end of the scale versus the more widely available Remy Indian Hair towards the cheaper end of the scale. However, remember, not all ‘Remy hair’ is equal. ‘Remy’ hair is only part of the story. It comes down to what state the hair was in when collected & the processing it goes through thereafter.

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Cheap Hair Extensions, Be Warned

…Not all Hair Extensions are Equal!

Saving a few bucks by getting the cheapest hair extensions on the market will cause you disappointment; it comes with the old saying…”if you buy cheap, you buy twice”…it will cost you more in the long run and possibly cause damage to your hair if you end up purchasing some really knotty and tangle prone extensions. Don’t be fooled by some hair extension offers that seem very cheap – there is usually a reason for that…

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true consider the quality – it may not be the best hair quality, which will dry out quickly, shed, tangle or look and feel very brittle. This kind of hair may only last you a few weeks. Or even worse, it may not be 100% human hair that is being attached to your head (big disaster and it happens)…Other things to watch out for is the quantity of hair and the experience of your hair extension technician… Does the person specialise in hair extensions? Have they had much experience applying extensions? Some hairdressers are amazing at and specialise in colour or cutting or styling, but when it comes to hair extensions, you want someone who has hair extensions as their passion and speciality.

The last thing you want is an inexperienced hair extension technician. Incorrect placement, can cause the extensions to feel painful, look terrible, slip out or matt up. If its not applied in the correct way it will look fake, unbalanced and very obvious or even worse, cause damage. It is also important to have the removal done by an experienced hair extension technician.

I have had the same set of Eve Hair Extensions for nearly a year now. It has been bleached, toned and styled with hot irons almost every day. Still it is soft, natural looking and in wonderful condition.
Alyx H.