Is the hair real human hair?

Yes. We use on premium, 100% human Remy hair.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is hair that still has the cuticle intact and in the same direction as all the other hairs. The cuticle in the hair has been kept during the gathering and processing so the hair will maintain longer.

What is Virgin hair?

Virgin hair is human hair that has never before been dyed or chemically processed before. Usually, when our client wants this grade hair, we source it straight from our supplier.

Can I blend more than one colour?

Yes, we often blend more than one colour to achieve the perfect match.

Can I blow-dry, straighten and curl the hair?

Yes. We use 100% human hair, you can style it just as your own hair.

Can I tie my hair up when I have extensions in?

Yes. We are very careful to place the extensions so they are not close to your hairline. We have clients who are airline hostesses and must not show any sign of extensions to abide by strict grooming regulations with hair tied up. Its best to keep a lower ponytail, plait, bun or French roll type style when tying up. With Tape extensions you can do a high top bun.

Can I swim with hair extensions in?

Yes you can. Just keep your hair tied up and wash it out straight after to avoid any chlorine or salt water to dry the hair out.

How long does it take to order the hair in once I have my consultation?

Usually its 24-48 hours. For nano-beads it can take up to 2 weeks as these are made to order. Micro-beads, straight texture, can be applied on the same day as we have a variety of colours in stock and on hand.

How long does it take to apply the hair extensions?

It takes from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on what method is being carried out and the quantity of hair required. The tape extensions are the quickest to apply, where as the beads take more time.

How do I know what method is best for me?

During your consultation appointment we will discuss the different application methods with you in more detail and assess your hair health, type and preferences to recommend an extension method most suitable for you. If we feel your hair is not suitable for extensions, we will not apply them.

Will they damage my hair?

Hair Extensions can damage your hair if you don’t look after them, if you pull them out instead of having them taken out by a professional or if they are not applied in the correct manner by a professional. To avoid any damage to your hair, you need to keep up your maintenance as per the recommended maintenance cycle and follow the hair extensions care guide provided at the application day.

Can I colour the extensions?

Its not advisable to colour hair extensions, however, under the care of a professional colourist, you can colour the extensions darker, with semi-permanent or toner is ok. Remember, just like your own hair, any extra chemical process you add to hair reduces its softness & lifespan.

Can I come to you or is it mobile only?

Due to popularity of the mobile, home service, we do not have a studio location. Currently we only provide our mobile service

Do I have to buy new hair when its time for maintenance?

No. All Eve Hair Extension methods are designed to be re-usable.

My friend had tape extensions, they fall out don’t they?

Not if they are applied with the correct hair extension tape. We have sourced the strongest super tape for our extensions that are waterproof and even colour proof! We have to actually take these out with our special tape remover to get these out. They don’t just fall out, even after 6 weeks.

How many extensions will I need to just add length?

This will be assessed more accurately on consultation, however, the shorter your hair and the longer you want it, the more extensions you will need to balance out the mid section. An average full head is about 100-120 strands or in tape extensions 20 doubled over tape tabs (40 pieces).

What daily care do I need to take to keep my extensions nice?

You need to use good quality shampoo and conditioners, leave in daily moisturiser is recommended, brush your hair every day and keep your maintenance appointments within the recommended time frames. Further details are provided on consultation day.

Do I need to use a special hair brush?

Yes, for the beaded method, you need to use a loop brush. This is supplied on your application day.

My friend wants extensions too, can you do two people at once?

Yes, we can arrange this for up to two people at once.


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How long does my hair need to be to get hair extensions?

Its advisable to have your hair at least chin length or longer for the best looking result. If it’s too short, you will have a spiky mullet type look on the top.

Do I have to use special hair products?

You are best to use high quality salon brand hair products as opposed to supermarket brands. The salon brands have higher quality ingredients that work better at maintaining the hairs condition.

What payment options do you accept?

Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card & Bank Transfer payment options are available.

Can I have my extensions applied on the same day of consultation?

Yes, we have stock on hand in the micro-bead extension type, straight texture ready to apply. For nano-bead and tape extensions there is a waiting period. However, we can colour match over photo for brown shades and have the hair ready to apply on your consultation day if you prefer one appointment.

Can I get balayage/ombre hair extensions?

Yes. These are available for special order amongst tape, micro-bead and nano-bead methods.